Our Story

Write Now Publishing House was started out of a desire to ethically publish books under a next generation hybrid publishing system,
where authors are put first with quality, excellence, and craft.


Our stories make up our society, and the world we’re proud to call our own, but it’s also these stories that go overlooked by the major corporations trying to find the next best-selling vampire-romance novel. The books that should be published are often overlooked because of the microwave-age mentality that feeds on poor quality writing and the quick dollar. 

We seek to educate the author on what to expect from a publishing house, what they should do themselves and what they should leave to the professionals. We seek to change the face of the publishing industry through raising the bar and defining what’s acceptable and what’s not, what a publisher must do and who an author must be. 



We seek to fill the void where publishers have dropped the ball. Namely, marketing books and building author platforms in the Internet age. 

Our pay to play model provides us the opportunity to publish the books of authors who have a story or message that the world needs to hear, but simply do not have the funds to do so. Sometimes, it’s books that further the impact of non-profits, but always it’s books we believe the world can’t live without.

Every writer has the potential to build a platform that influences and leave a legacy that matters. We’re here to make it happen. Ready to find out if Write Now Publishing House is right for you?

Our Services

Writing and publishing can be quite the daunting task, but you’re not alone.
Don’t know where to start? See below.


It’s not a matter of what you’ll publish, but when.
Don’t wait for someday. Don’t get stuck in proposal limbo or the vicious cycle of validation-seeking. Your message is incredible. Your story is only yours to tell. The world is waiting.


Is your book out of print?
Or were you unhappy with the quality of the book or those who published it?
Look no further.
Ask us about our republish program and bring your book into the internet age.


“Editors need editors,” wrote iconic editor and writer William Zinsser.
So you’ve written the next great American novel, have a children’s book or a non-fiction guide to the best life ever, but do you have a solid 2nd draft? Have you picked out an editor to refine the gold you’ve written?
Don’t put any unnecessary stumbling blocks in your reader’s way with poor grammar, misspellings or plot holes. A well-edited book stands the test of time and critics. Next to a solid book cover and design, editing is an investment that proves you’re a serious writer who consistently delivers books worth reading.

Book Design & Book Covers

You can judge a book by its cover, and everyone does. The main thing that keeps people from buying a book is an ugly book or a book cover that doesn’t communicate the author’s vision. Your cousin’s uncle’s pool boy may have made great refrigerator art when he was in kindergarten, but that doesn’t mean you want your book to look like amateur hour. Like the book covers in our bookstore? We made those, and we could make yours too. Why DIY a book cover when a professional could make it for you?

Marketing & Platform Building

What good is a book if no one reads it?
6 million new books are produced in English every year. Only a handful sell more than 250 copies the first year. Don’t let your book just be a statistic.
From platform building to post-book launch, our marketing team can be your marketing team.

Ghost Publishing

Perfect for the organization, non-profit, institute of higher learning or the agency managing a celebrity brand. How does it work? We publish your author’s books under your imprint with our proprietary publishing methods and marketing. Skip the book proposal limbo. Find out more here.

Book Outlines

The only acceptable book burning is the one inside your soul.
Ever wanted to write a book, but didn’t no where to start?
Are you still working on the book you started years ago, but can’t seem to finish it?
You missing the roadmap for writing your book. In true interview style, a story consultant will outline your book for you and collaborate with you to create a working-draft in a matter of days instead of years.


Don’t know where to start? Feel overwhelmed or lost? Or need to fill in the missing pieces of publishing and marketing your book?
Book a free consultation today.

  • These guys are amazing! Marshall’s editing and writing critiques push me to another level and make my work that much better. I couldn’t do it without him.

    David Caldwell
  • I’m so impressed with the editing and proofing abilities at Write Now Publishing House.
    It’s one thing to catch grammatical errors and typos, but this team goes beyond just that.
    They care about how I’m communicating, and help me do my job better.

    Karianne Little
    Nurse Practitioner PhD Program